i’m surprised you didn’t ask me whose car it is

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah. I did a lot of walking on my heel, to keep pressure off my toe. It feels pretty good.”

“No, but really….are you okay?”


When something that was once strong becomes weak, then strong again, it creates both a curiosity and confidence that makes you want to put this once strong, then weak, then strong again thing under an enormous amount of pressure and stress — well, how strong is it REALLY?

And it does well, miraculously well, surviving every introduced threat by means of what appears to be an effortless sidestep.

But it isn’t an effortless sidestep.

It’s a detour the diameter of the universe and then some.

That strong, then weak, then strong thing is actually still very weak.

And it’s a special kind of weakness. One that may never go away because this thing is an appendage that gives every ounce of it’s spirit to willingly guide and serve the seemingly bigger things around it, no matter how much discomfort it may cause.

You are a lesson in the propagation of unconditional love. You are the teacher of it. You are the environment in which it thrives.

But unconditional doesn’t have to mean untroubled.

Thank you for being uncomfortable as long as you have.

I understand if this is it.




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