five (press on) nails in 5(?) bay area homes

I’ve been doing this 17 years and this is the first week I’ve done this with press on nails.

I wasn’t committed enough to the idea to use nail glue. I used the gummy clear stickers that came in the kit instead. Quick n’ easy can elevate the quality of life sometimes, and if the lighting is bad, a low-quality job can look decent.

Most of my customers live with bad lighting. I got compliments from customers the first two days. Stylish customers.

Then the nails started disappearing. I found one today on a dining room floor in Oakland. I placed my bag over it, in hopes of discreetly retrieving it at the end of the appointment. Another nail is behind a sofa in San Carlos. One’s in Moraga. Another is in Pleasanton. Maybe the last one is in my car. Or Emeryville.

I didn’t wash my hair with my fingers this morning during my shower. I knew the nails couldn’t handle it. Instead I took a back massager and used it on my head.

Tomorrow, when my hair is dry, we’ll determine if incapable nails equals a good hair day.

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