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Highlights from the SD search:




snackmaster, jimboluvsorals, ILyckItIStyckIt, youcumicumahhh



“Maybe I should come over and lick your pussy right now? What do you think? I can host or cum to you. I would love to make you squirt…”

“I’m a bigger guy, but I know how to take care of ladies. My man-hood is average, so nothing to worry about there. I am drug and STD free, and I have had a vasectomy so I am sterile. I always use protection. I am only about 4 hours away, and I am willing to travel almost any night. If you like what you see in the few photos let me know. I prefer not to use the site because everything is so slow, and the army looks down on that sort of thing.”


“You are one of the most gorgeous creatures I have ever laid my eyes on. Your beautiful eyes are simply mesmerizing, your lips are oh so inviting, and your body is to die for. It compels me to kiss you, caress you, help undress you, and to experience what you’re like in bed. I envision you melting into my arms as I endlessly kiss your soft lips, initially tenderly and then more passionately until you’re moist from your own love nectar. I’d also like to take up permanent residence between those beautiful thighs and sexy legs while eating your succulent pussy for an eternity, savoring its feel, touch, unique smell and exotic flavor. Will you allow me these simple erotic pleasures and more? If so, let’s embark on a journey of friendship and mutual erotic pleasure.”

“Nothing makes my cock as hard and as ready as feeling a woman squirt all over my face. Do you want to be this woman?”



If any of you ladies would be into the above, let me know. I can hook a sista up.

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