scammers & sugar

A favorite first meeting topic of mine is the difference between the male and female dating experience. I’ve been obsessed with the male vs. female experience in general for some time, always wanting to read text threads between my male friends, asking them what they talk about with “the guys,” how they think their childhood experience was different than their sister’s, etcetera. Then I go through the same inquiries with women.

In the sugar world, every man I’ve met has had to deal with deciphering a real woman from a bot and a scammer from a bona fide lady. For us, there’s a lot of filtering, and there’s always the potential of a sex offender or fake sugar daddy, but they seem few and far between in comparison to the number of female scammers out there.

Sucks for the guys. These ladies are taking their precious time and we know that’s one thing SDs don’t have a lot of.

One of my penpals shared a recent e-mail exchange he’d been having with a scammer. They had been communicating lightly for a couple of weeks, she took the conversation to sensual land, got him stirred with pleasure, then sent this:

“Good Morning, how are you? I have been crying, I am very sad and moody down here because i could not get on the plane today as planned to arrive in LA tomorrow morning, i realized that my boss as collected my money and my entitlement and ran away to Istanbul, What a pity i never knew that this was part of his plans when he lied to me that he was travelling to Italy. I made a report about this to the Police but they told me that there is nothing they can do as my Promoter in not longer in China.
I made a report to the Hotel management, Immediately they ordered for my passport and my travelling document because of their Hotel bill. The hotel manager said that once they have my travelling document i will not be able to run away as my promoter did. Actually i gave them the document so that they can be sure that i will pay their bill.
I am confused, i don’t know what to do now. I could forget about my loss and return to LA but my document is with the hotel management and i cannot leave Beijing without my travelling document. I am really confused i don’t know what to do, In fact i have been crying since i returned from where i worked. I just felt i should let you know because i cannot hide anything from you anymore.
This is my personal problem, i will not be happy if you start sharing it with people. I will be meeting with the hotel management later to discuss what i have to pay to get my document back, I will let you know details of our conclusion. I have to go and rest now.
Hope to read from you soon.
Kisses and hugs
This one is a tad classy in that she straight up didn’t ask for $$$, but it’s obvious she’s expecting him to offer some.
Penpal and I jokingly agreed that scamming is my true career calling. With my storytelling ability and effortless trust gaining skills, I can retire by the time I’m 35.
I’ll put that idea in my back pocket for the next time I end up in Beijing and don’t have a way to get home.
I told him that if he’s ever tempted to send any distressed damsel money, I’ll get my life into a rut STAT.
He made my morning with:
“I’d like to send you both some money, but it’ll have to wait a bit….my cash is all tied up in a deal in Nigeria…..a government minister died without leaving a will, and I am going to get it all! I just had to send some of my cash as a deposit to bribe the lawyer, but I’m sure that it is almost resolved and I’ll be rich!”
A sense of humor. It gets me there.


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