hiding, deleting, and…


4 weeks in and 4 web-sites later and it’s finally time to make a sugar daddy decision.

Dating is a new thing for me. I’m a serial, long-term relationship gal; neither of my whopping two relationships involved dating. I’m the “You’re the one” type and am damn good at choosing people who inspire lifelong creativity and growth (my two hugest turn-ons).

If dating has taught me anything, it’s that I need time, patience, time, and time…plus a larger savings account. I devoted so much of my calendar to communicating with people that I practically stopped working (which contract work gives me the privilege of doing). Now that I’m tapping into my savings and have a healthy monthly allowance coming in starting tomorrow, plus a couple of reliable “as the mood strikes” guys, it’s time to call this search quits.

I told myself I would make a decision at the end of last month and didn’t because I turned into a filthy sugar daddy addict, but this afternoon as I was watering the plants crying, “Oh my gosh I completely forgot to water you guys yesterday and it was so hot and look how sad you all are!” I realized that I’ve taken on more than I can handle and lives are starting to suffer.

So I went inside, hid and deleted profiles, developed a follow up plan for the pending sugar daddies I’m trying to “close,” and am going to do something I’ve never done before as I log off: WEB-SITE REVIEWS!!!

Existing or potential sugar babies, this one’s for you! Where is your beauty, time, charm, and intelligence best spent? Read on.

*A little bit of background because I think these factors play a huge part in a site experience

Age: 31
Location: Bay Area
Status: Open Relationship

When I signed up for these sites, I read blogs that reached out to sugar daddies, NOT sugar babies. The below sites were recommended to men as places to go to get laid by hot chicks who think they’re money hungry, but are actually just lost and looking to be treated like a princess, so beware if you’re on the search for cold, hard cash. (I’m an experience/money appetizer kind of gal and excel at persuasion, so I tried them out anyhow and have been satisfied.)

In order of my MOST to LEAST FAVORITE:


Wow. Almost all winners on this one. In one month I communicated with 17 men who were all awesome, I just wasn’t attracted to them, filtered the 17 down to 5 who I met, and ignored countless numbers of flirts and “gifts” from men who didn’t do anything for me. “Gifts” on this site are images of whips, kisses, champagne, etc. I have a polyvore account and buy groceries on-line already, thank you very much.

The site is free for women…as they almost all are…and the men are wonderful.

Out of the five dates, 2 were coffee and 3 were DINNER. We’re talking let’s-do-it-European-style-and-stay-here-for-hours-and-rack-up-a-huge-bill DINNER.
That’s always a plus. Not only does that give you the time to really get to know someone, but it’s a treat, and it’s even better when they don’t say “Let’s go to my place afterwards” which none of them did.

I think there’s an income minimum on that site for the men…not sure actually, but all the men coming forward seemed to be at a starting income of $100k per year with the average for me being $500k.

A different thing for this site is it can verify members through LinkedIn. So we’re talking less skeezy and more businessy overall.

Highly recommended. Out of the 5, two progressed to more than one date. One treated me to good meals, manis/pedis, and was my personal chauffeur for absolutely nothing more than a peck on the lips (which is probably why he stopped reaching out). The other one treated me to a massage once and after a 5 minute pleasurable thank you gave me $300 to pay for parking. Way to avoid being arrested sugar daddy!

No firm keepers came from this site. A “if we’re both free and I’m in the area” if anything. Still worth it in my book!

When things slow down and I get bored again, I’m revamping my profile and getting back on.


The biggy. We all know about it. For me, SA is all over the map. ALL walks of life are on this site and out of the two times I used it, the first time pulled up the scum of the earth and the second was ok. I quickly learned my lesson the first week in and adjusted my profile accordingly. LOTS of action on this site and LOTS of filtering. Too much filtering for my taste. If you have the time, it’s a good one for one stop shopping.

I won’t even list the numbers for how many men I communicated with because it’s embarrassingly high. And only three seemed interesting enough to meet.

One turned into an allowance sugar daddy ($2k a month), one was brutally honest with sound advice, “If you get a guy who can drop a couple of grand on you a month, go for it. Less is common. Anything more and he’s probably not going to be safe about it,” (turned out to be true), and the other was a phenomenal dinner, a “parking payment” of $100, and a great source of business. I’ll probably make $1k the next two hours I spend with him — and doing actual work! Not bad. Yay to career enhancing men.


Ok, this is the one with the income minimum I think. But what the fuck Millionairematch.com? Where are all of your Bay Area millionaires? I know there’s tons of them! Every single guy who messaged me (except for one) was FAR AWAY. Opposite coast. Different state. Cool dudes, though. If you’re a sugar baby who is interested in traveling, or if you’re a student who is off for the summer and wants to be someone’s summer fling on a vineyard or estate, then this is the site for you!

Don’t know how much cold, hard cash exists, but there are travel opportunities a many. The guys seemed safe enough.

I’m currently having the most mind stretching penpalship with a dude and I’ll probably end up on his will from that alone.

We’ll see…

Oh, here’s something! If you end up being old and single, there are A LOT of older, handsome, charming men on this site actually looking for wives their age! And they’re loaded! I no longer have fears about aging and social security running out thanks to millionairematch.com.

IMPORTANT: I paid for this site!

So far the two men (one local can’t-pay-for-anything-but-dinner and one long distance penpal) who are in my life because of it are absolutely phenomenal. With their combined efforts I’m making $0, but they’re just great and I love them dearly. Totally worth it. I’m an emotional sap.


Are you the horniest woman on the planet and get turned on by men who send you looooooooong, detailed messages about everything they want to do to you and love logging onto a site only to get bombarded with thirteen dick pic chat boxes?

If so, then this is the site for you! Don’t be fooled by the name like I was, signing up for this site actually signs you up for passionsearch.com, the #1 source for headless, hot bodied selfies taken in front of a mirror.

Every time you log on you also have to deal with a gay site opening up. (The men on there are 10 x hotter. If you need to rub one off, keep the gay one open and close the first one.)

Meetsuccessfulmen.com gave me lots of laughs and laughter heals many a wound. The erotic tales in my inbox are worthy of publishing if they haven’t been published already. The photos are hilarious. And the usernames and typos are unreal.


Surprisingly, I met with one guy and fell in love. What a dear. Lifelong friend.
Totally worth the 13 dick pic chat boxes. Wait…how many men do I love already?

Ok. I’m a doofus. Who signs up on four web-sites? No wonder I’m freaking exhausted.

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