I’ve dreamt about Sunset Campout taking place on a different kind of beach, one with a celadon ocean stretching so far the end surely sees another season…probably winter…probably with snow. There are always cathedral shaped rocks jaggedly arching out of the ocean, colliding with the sky. They remind me of the ones in Northern Spain, though I’ve never been. And in my dreams there is space; I never dream about the cramped campouts I’ve come to know.

Matthew was famous in this dream. He was a different kind of writer — an art director of sorts — one who was celebrated for his ability to amass creative followers who would serve as major parts of a visual work later layered with his words.

During this campout he was making a video. A few hundred people, covered in the white drape of ancient Rome, were gathered into an outdoor amphitheater. The direction was to throw their fists into the air, quarrel, and holler at a camera man ahead who was nothing but smiles, pleased with the results in front of the lens.

It wasn’t until I woke up that I realized this portion of the dream was black and white and grainy. I imagine I saw it as it was meant to be seen on film. There were a few close-ups, one in particular featuring a woman whose eyes and mouth had their own parts as  separate performers. She was the only person in black, with heavily made up Siouxsie eyes. It seemed her job was to promote mischief and cruelty through missed cues. On every reprimand her lips would curl with this soulful temper. “Great casting job!” I thought.

In a mere three minutes filming was complete and the crowd dispersed, excited to finish the day in comfy, free togas. Matthew was a part of the crowd and stuck around to be filmed solo doing an elevated side plank in the nude — with nothing supporting his feet. I was behind him, about 20 feet away, watching — amazed. It took a few seconds for him to get into position, but once he was there, he was THERE. I couldn’t help but remember him saying, “It’s a nice one,” in reference to his cock awhile back. Was it doing something to make this position possible? I would have to change locations to know.

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