well, that’s what I’ve been thinking about

What I’ve been thinking about: You walking in with all your textures on that dress that had echoes of school marm but hugged your curves in a very non-school-marmish way.  Talking about arrangements while trying to keep my voice down so as not to be overheard by the woman sitting right behind me.  Wishing you’d hurry up with that damn strawberry shake or push it aside so I could ask you if you wanted to move onto the next step.  Kissing you for the first time and feeling your soft lips.  The amazing lap-dance-like moves you were doing when we were standing and kissing.  Pulling up your skirt and seeing your bare pussy just underneath those great stockings and spreading your legs and feeling your body jolt as my tongue played with you.  Your very sexy and sophisticated running commentary on what was happening between us.  Having you finally completely naked and straddling me, and looking up and down that amazing torso with the perfect breasts.  Being able to  hold still and have you do amazing things with your pelvis.
Well, that’s what I’ve been thinking about.

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