when you smile


and it’s not with me it reinforces that it’s not with me and I become more and more comfortable with not being the one and it doesn’t feel 100% right but it doesn’t feel 100% wrong either but it feels not right enough that I need a distraction.

Describe the forest: Daniel will. “You’ll end making the Forrest scream of quiet creeks and bashful knocks of oak branches. Screams of squirrels ecstatic at the trove of nuts. Caterpillars defying the resistance of a life they’ve created only to rebuild magic and breakdown to nothing I like describing the forest [(8’D”

Describe the soldiers: Recruiting the willing. Pity past and future generations. Damaged. Hold prayer around fires. Glorify music. Chat up ladies in pictures. Wish they saw fewer stretchers. Miss Target.

How Daniel describes the soldiers: I worry often. Then right the keel and produce something grand I’ve been putting off for nothing. Take stands to words I’ve embodied and treat as human beings. Raise a fist and force myself to compliment my accomplishments. Smile at failure Laugh at myself Try something new to give the world witness and shyly prove it’s not that hard Midnight writes Dirty socks scuffled across a poorly scrubbed floor give present sense of damage, mentally outrunning life itself Deflating inherent wealth Placing worries in empty tea cans stacked upon the shelves

Describe the destruction: Look at their pale glum faces and yellow eyes. They used to be better looking. They used to care about the scratches on their fenders. They used to care about Jesus. Heads can’t stop turning. Left sides of bodies are numb. The roars and happenings are constant. Futures are spoiled. Porn is no longer pleasurable. The only wish is to be alone. With a kidnapper. Who has just withdrawn. The emotional urgency is last in line. Everything is so abstract it’s artistic. Everything is the last word you hear someone say before they die.




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