I’m an old sugar baby — 31 — which is about 10 years older than the average one I’d say.

Just this morning I received a message after turning someone down: You were a top choice for me. Older than 20. Most of the women are just too young.

A couple of days before that, someone else sent: And I prefer someone with a little more life experience…below 25 is not a consideration…you’re one of the very, very few I’ve been interested in enough to make contact.

I’ve been thinking about this recently because when I signed up I was in “I’m too old for this” mode, but my age seems to be attracting a very specific type of man and I’m totally digging that man. He’s the type of man that makes my brain hurt and I LOVE LOVE LOVE learning new concepts, looking up words, and crying.


Here’s who I’m meeting:

ART DEALERS/ART COLLECTORS: This isn’t an age thing, this is a profile picture thing (I think). I threw in a lot of artsy fartsy, high fashion photos from some of the modeling shoots I do occasionally. I have one that’s me first thing in the morning, hair as high as the heavens, not a stitch of make-up, puffy eyes, oily face, very real, raw, blah, blah, blah. The artsy dudes dig it. Maybe it takes someone older who would have the confidence to include a picture like that?

ARCHITECTS/DESIGNERS: Same reason as above I’m guessing

WRITERS: When I want to be good with words, I can be good with words. I was good with words on my profile.

“BUSINESS” MEN (Usually meaning financial something or other): Hardly any! One! Two maybe? That’s what I was expecting and they don’t like me.


I’m meeting men that would typically attract me in the “normal” world. I’m meeting men who need to have a high caliber conversation at almost all times. (I try to not write about that intense stuff because it’s not fun, but it happens…A LOT.) I’m meeting men who like to send looooooong, romantic, and moisture inducing e-mails. I’m meeting men who send me educational links about this and that and I’m meeting men who are specifically looking for a woman who is different than the ones they’re currently meeting. Being older and being able to sustain myself is a part of that. “You’re not a bitch and you’re not money hungry, I like that.”

Thing is, I AM money hungry…or at least financial supplement hungry. This is about $$$. Everything I’ve experienced so far I can experience on my own. I can get a man to take me out to a nice dinner and treat me to a massage. But when you have money already, of course it’s easier to act like you don’t need it, and they automatically feel better about giving it to you….I guess. So far, my highest offers and largest “donations” have come from the men who I did not have a $ conversation with AT ALL. We have a good time, I’m getting ready to leave, and they sneak a rolled up wad of cash into my pants on the way out. I count it in the car. I’m always impressed. And there was never a conversation.

*Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had the typical allowance conversations as well, but I’m meeting enough men that I’ve been experimenting with technique. So far the winner is: I don’t need you, I want you. You want me, and you want me turned on. Nothing turns me on more than a man who knows how to take care of a woman and I know you are more than capable.*

I relay that message with my eyes, with my body, and/or will use actual words but not like that. These guys are smart. They can read between the lines. Nothing is more satisfying than hearing “I like everything you do” and getting paid a hefty sum for it without having to ask.

To age. To confidence.



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