i dream of Portland

I have a trip to Portland coming up in a couple of weeks and this morning I dreamt about it.


It was a desert in the dream, and not one of those music video empty sand deserts, but a succulent rich desert — the kind you find at your local botanical garden.

I was looking for a place to stay and there was a plot of land with a cluster of tents on it, across the street from a series of small eateries. It was dusk and I could see the glow from lanterns inside most of the tents. I approached the tent that looked the most welcoming, which was the one with the fully unzipped entrance, flaps secured to the side, like that vagina bat internet meme.

The guy in the tent was a dude I used to intern for. I didn’t know him in the dream, but he looked exactly like I remembered him; long, stringy black hair not covering enough of his not cute Gremlin face.

There wasn’t a place to sit or sleep, but there was an all you can eat drug buffet. I don’t do drugs but I do steal, so when he left the tent I took a bunch in hopes that I could sell them at some point during my trip. Without having any type of conversation, we got along well. I stayed long enough to share an El Pollo Loco dinner that a friend dropped off and even got to witness the neighbors having sex on a cot outside.

An observer in a two story house next door and myself had the same idea: to record it. A guy leaned out of his window, holding his ipad as far down as he could while still maintaining steady hands, and I pressed my cell phone into the tent window. I was so close to them they would have heard me if I unzipped it.

Kelly green showed up a few times in the dream.

Once on a jumpsuit that the sexxing dude was wearing, again on a cloaked hose, and a last time on a tall, lean gentleman.

The tall, lean gentleman was wearing kelly green dress shows, too. He was head to toe in the color.



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