for you

For many people, being wanted is a long, painful battle. Just to live life and to feel like a needed human being we have to arm ourselves with artillery and pick a side.

The common gal combats love with a mist of perfume on her neck and stained lips. She wins her dinner party by going to Whole Foods to pick up a steaming quart of rice pilaf and comes home to serve it in Heath ceramic bowls. But for you, being wanted is effortless – far from a battle. You win before you even step into uniform.

They surrender to your cooking. You’re a human recipe book. You’re armed with roasting skills to put any food critic to rest. Without a foreign color on your face they surrender to your mouth. They want you in all of your simplicity and realness. And you don’t fight for any side, you support all. They immediately befriend you because you connect with them. There is always a common ground. Both you and the devil had bitches as mothers. You could talk about that for hours.

As wanted as you were, I felt even more wanted by you. Is this the first day that’s gone by since you haven’t reached out to me in….how many years? As close to wrath as I ever experienced was when I wasn’t giving you my undivided attention – which was often. You needed the whole of me to take in the whole of you, that’s how much you had to give. And now I have all the time in the world because you’re not asking for it anymore. Image

“old friends” by simon

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