negotiation bootcamp

I picked up the book for free after a session with my physical therapist. She was getting ready for a yard sale that weekend and had boxes of this and that up for grabs.

I took “Negotiation Bootcamp,” a book about turbocharged vintage cars, and a few other things I don’t remember.

A read a few sentences every day. Sometimes while sitting in the crapper, sometimes while doing laundry. It was one of the few books I took with me to the long term house sitting gig.

Last week I put everything I learned to use. I’m incredibly happy with the outcome. Hopefully buyer’s remorse is not a part of the negotiation process.

Here is a brief introduction to my real life experience with “Negotiation Bootcamp”

…the Sugar Version.

Woo Them

There’s nothing that’s more of a turn on than watching someone in their element. Watching drummers drum, singers sing, finance dudes finance. I specialize in an element of interior design and on the night of negotiation I worked around the bedroom scantily clad, measuring, figuring, reaching, selecting colors, etc. It was the hottest thing he had seen all day. Did you ever see that episode of Mad Men where Peggy and that dude are working in the office all night in their undergarments? Television inspires life. I’m one of those.

Treat Them Like a Partner

Negotiate while being physically intimate. There’s no better time to show them how great of a partner you really are.

Open with Extreme Position

“6 a month.”

“WHAT?!?!? You’ve got to be kidding!”

Make Small Concessions/Flexibility

“How many times a week?”

“Once a week.”

“I want to see you more than that — several times a week.”

“Twice a week.”

“Twice a week?”

“Twice a week.”


Know Your Options

It helps to have other SDs lined up before you go all negotiation tactic crazy on a particular SD. If things don’t work out, you’re not crying for a week. If things work out, you’re still crying for a week, but from happiness and disbelief.

Be Patient and Persistent

Oh yeah, this process took TWO MONTHS. RARELY am I the persistent one when it comes to relationships. The man needs to add so many new things to my life for me to action. He did. He does. He was receptive but very, very, very busy. Know when you’re being avoided. Know when you’re being welcomed. Know when you add value but you’re not a top priority and treat the relationship accordingly.

Find Agreement

 Sounds like he was agreeing to be captured, right?

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