sex, drugs, & rock n’ roll


A few days ago after agreeing that there was no love connection and that we had different motives, he shared that he wanted to stay in contact (which they almost all have…I have more penpals than I have fingers and toes).

“And then I see this Google guy get whacked with dope by someone with zero remorse, and oy. Just be careful out there, not everyone has pure motives.”

I had no clue what he was talking about. Didn’t follow up with questions. Didn’t research.

Then this morning my uncle texts: Sounds like drama in the Sugar Daddy business.

What? Did he find my blog, too?

Response: Wouldn’t say ‘drama’ but….

Text: Heard a sugar baby overdosed a Google exec. Be Careful


Ahhhhh……it’s all coming together….

So now I’m researched. Luckily, my MANY MANY MANY surprised-they-haven’t-overdosed-yet friends have all said I do a damn fine job at staying interesting while staying straight.

No drugs here. I won’t kill you, sugar daddy.


P.S. The operating hours for this moonlighting gig are ridiculous. I can’t believe I’m up this early writing about something that happened 2 hours ago. 3:30 am and 6 am are normal communication times for me now. I didn’t even know those hours existed.

Granted, these dudes are all over the world traveling for business and what not and the locals are just good ‘ol hard workers that need to start early, but if setting an alarm is what it takes to be “successful” in this world, my roll is WAY too slow. Move my sloth ass to Spain, please.

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