We watched three episodes. Did he know that he wouldn’t have to make a move because I used to have a crush on David Duchovny and would get horny all on my own?


We kissed at the front door (briefly), watched a bit of The Dark Knight so he could show me how his sound system works, went out for Thai massages, came back to his place, and watched three episodes of Californication.

I can’t believe I’ve never seen that show before. I loved it.

Half way into episode three I thought: Is this it? He called me over to treat me to a massage and to just chill? What a gentleman.

David was shirtless and looking great. The man on the sofa next to me had a very similar body.

Fuck it. I’m going over.

“Can I sit with you?”


And he didn’t budge. I put my arm around him and got comfy. He finally let his curves settle into my own. We made out. He got up, took my hand, and let me to the bedroom.

Things didn’t go far. I was leaking and everything in his place was hotel clean…so I gave him room service.

I hate it when I touch men who have softer skin than my own. It’s only happened a couple of times before. I couldn’t get over it.

“I’m so jealous!”

“It’s the steam shower. Three days a week. That’s all it is. Let’s take one some time.” (Second sugar daddy to have a steam shower by the way.)

After a home theatre system demonstration, a thai massage, three episodes of Californication, and a bj, I went home with enough money to keep me giddy during the three block walk to the parking lot that cost me $30 to stay in for three hours.

When he gave it to me, he said, “Here’s some money for parking.”

What he left out: x a lot.


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