i’m no sailor

It was the first time we had taken separate showers.

With my 3 hours of sleep, I needed a private wake up call and a solo shower did the trick.

I finished. He got in.

I was dressed and curious. Rope came out the night before but we didn’t do much with it. I took the instruction booklet out of his nightstand drawer, opened it to the page bookmarked with two Trojan Magnum condoms, wasn’t interested in what that page had to offer, and started flipping through.

Two knots interested me. I used one on my ankles and another on one of my wrists. I was proud of myself. They looked decent and all my legs were able to do movement wise was hop. When I took the wrist knot off I had a 30 minute pink colored bracelet made of rope impressions.

The book didn’t offer much as far as photographs or easy to understand instructions. I don’t have much to offer there either.



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