stretching sentences

Sometimes you just need to get back to basics. And then realize you need practice.

Who? My mom

Did What? Cried herself to sleep

When? Every night

Where? At home

Why? Because she doesn’t have the answers

Finished Sentence:

Every night at home, my mom cries herself to sleep because she’s answerless.

Who? Brian

Did What? Couldn’t get it up

When? When having sex with this girl he really liked

Where? In his grandma’s bedroom

Why? Because he was nervous

Finished Sentence:

Nervous in his grandma’s bedroom, Brian was about to have sex with this girl he really liked and couldn’t get it up.

Who? Stitch, the Chinchilla

Did What? Took a dust bath

When? After he ate

Where? In a gigantic glass jar

Why? Because he was dirty

Finished Sentence:

After he ate, Stitch the Chinchilla was so dirty he took a dust bath in a gigantic glass jar.

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