objects + time

Time is linear when you’re in school. Moments are simple bullet points or dashes scattered along a straight path, each with a brief call out. It’s simple to see how events relate to one another – they’re all there in front of you.

As an adult, looking at a timeline – your own timeline – becomes more like looking at a constellation. The moments are near and related, but all over the place – and all brilliant. Some shine brighter than others. Some have names, some don’t.

The stars are the same stars for the whole world, but moments are just yours. You may experience them with others, but no one else’s experiences it the same way you did.

Hanging in my bathroom, for the past 6 months, is this t-shirt. I made it. And I made another for an almost friend/better acquaintance. It’s a bullet point on my constellation timeline. It marks a day I remember very clearly for several reasons: It was associated with a holiday, I was inspired to create something, I hardly slept creating it, I learned a lot about someone I wanted to learn about, and learned about myself.

The garment’s not filthy. I only wore it once, took it off, and hung it up. Every time I go to the bathroom I see it, and remember the conversations I had that day and how they are still a part of my current timeline. There are several bullet points on the line with no call outs yet. I know exactly what the callouts are going to be. I won’t plug them in until they happen.

The shirt will hang until then.

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