“the eyes of a dog

hold mystery and grace, showing a sadness and familiar grace…”

That’s all I remember of a poem I wrote in elementary school. For years and years and years I wanted a dog. For years and years and years mom and dad gifted me robotic terriers or stuffed dalmatians, but never a real dog.

I searched my computer files to see if I’ve scanned that poem. I haven’t. But a couple of better files came up: life stories from my friends. Life stories that they have poured their heart and soul into writing and decided to share with me.

It’s a great feeling to be that person (even if I’m one of many) who has ears and eyes worthy enough to take in secrets, vulnerabilities, passions, and the day to day.

A asked me about the inspiration behind the sudden urge to share my creativity with the world.

Today’s answer: For you to be that person.

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